Ahhhh...Sweet Sunday

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Our day starts out with hauling all the animals off our bed and out of the bedroom, downstairs and outside. Oh it's ok, I know it's cold out and you just left the warmth of all those cuddly blankets! Then we, (and the rest of the neighborhood) have to endure their morning chorus of hello's to the world! Yes they do get pretty vocal when they see their yard for the first time every day. After they have checked out every square inch of their domain, they are ready to re-assemble at the slider door.

Shelby, our oldest at 13, (half golden retriever/half collie) scratches at the sliding glass door. If this doesn't get the appropriate response then our little midget, Casey (longhair doxie) decides to talk/howl/bark to us! At this we are usually racing to the door before they wake up the whole neighborhood! If you ignore Casey she just gets louder! And then bringing up the rear is Lara, who is actually my daughter's dog! She is the sweetest dog! She is black lab and golden retriever mix, Her fur is long and looks like a golden's but she is jet black! But let me tell you this poor beautiful dog is about as dumb as they come! She has no brain matter! And whatever she did have once is now gone as she is epileptic. She has had awful seizures for the last 3 years or so. She usually had one about every two weeks like clockwork. She has not had one now for several months. We are praying she has grown out of them.

My hubby usually lets our motley crew into the house for their morning ritual...they all gather around him in the kitchen until he gets the bones. Then they move backward, stepping all over each other until they reach the dining room carpet and just as in sychronized swimming they all sit up...and wait! Once they have their special treat they dissapear to their own designated spots to gobble down the little bone in a great big hurry in hopes that "Daddy" is feeling generous enough to let them have another one!

Meanwhile, I have been upstairs feeding Harry the wonder cat! It's a wonder if you can pick him up! He is somewhere between 20 & 30 pounds! More like a small mountain lion, than a cat! The funny thing, he is not fat, at all! He is a very muscular, ball of fluff, with an attitude!

We have a small stool in the kitchen, that I have to use to reach things from the cupboards cuz I am kinda vertically challenged, well Harry thinks this is His Throne! When the dust has cleared from the dogs, Harry can be seen upon his throne patiently waiting for his treat, which of course he will sit up for also!

Then and only then can we go about getting our showers and getting dressed and ready for church! By the time we are both ready, Fuzz Butt is sprawled out on the bed waiting for us to leave so he can take his morning bath and nap! With the dogs safely escorted to the garage dog beds, we are able to collect our things and actually leave.

The next couple of hours is spent worshipping and fellowshipping with our friends and family. Our church really is a family, every bit as much as the one we left at home! We do have human kids and even grandkids too! (But that is another blog entry.) We are very blessed!

When we leave to go back home again, if hubby hasn't filled up on too many cookies, we sometimes go out to breakfast as we did this morning. Of course when we get home...the whole routine starts over again! The dogs come in from the garage and head outside to check out their kingdom again. The cat stretches and yawns and comes downstairs to see if he can pilfer another treat!

Hubby heads to change his clothes and to warm up the tv for his beloved Nascar race. I am already back "in my jammies" and usually on the computer checkin my mail! As I hear hubby snoring softly during pre race announcements, I make sure he is awake in time for the green flag, that's when I let the dogs in...Casey is in his lap approximately 3.2 seconds after the sliding glass door is cracked open! Shelby heads to the water dish and then downstairs to lay at daddy's feet. Lara will lay up against the stairs heading upstairs.

Then it is my favorite time of day! Just when the sun has had a chance to stream in on our bedroom, and the blankets are all tousled (no I don't make my bed in the morning, I know I am bad) I say to the pups..."mamma's goin' to bed!" The race is on to see who can beat me upstairs! Casey is usually laying in my spot with her head on my pillow and Shelby is standing close by waiting for me to get in bed so she can jump up and make herself comfy! Lara does not sleep on the bed, but will take up residence on the floor at the end of the bed where she can stretch out. And, in case you forgot, there is Harry! He'll jump up on his desk (not mine) and grab a quick bite of food, and then he'll very carefully jump over to the bed and walk very lightly between Shelby and my legs, and head up and across where Casey is snuggled under the blankets by my side, and find his spot right in front of my face! And "Sunday Afternoon Naptime" has officially begun!

And how was your Sunday?


Anonymous Joel said...

Hi there...dropped in via Blogmad. Your morning "pet" routine is very, very similar to ours. Three dogs and a cat on this end and they follow much the same ritual on weekends. The handing out of the treats is a real highlight as they jockey for position, and like yours, then disperse to separate corners once treats are in hand, er mouth.
Enjoyed the blog.


7:05 AM  
Blogger Melanie said...

Really Mom, after you both having Lara all these years...she isn't mine anymore. I only had her the first six months of her life. She has grey hair now. I am officially giving you "permanent custody", k? Fed ex'n the adoption papers your way as I type.

9:14 AM  
Blogger ...jus me said...

Joel...aren't the fourlegged kids just too much fun? Funny how we have our routines. My question is, are they our routines or theirs?

Melanie...thanks honey, I'll be waiting for the fed-ex guy!

9:27 AM  
Anonymous akhater said...

Well I saw your comment on my blog, I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to drop by.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Blueyes said...

My cat passed away but its sort of similar with my dogs except they dont get treats on the weekend because I'm home. During the week, the little one goes into her overly sized kennel with her treat and the big dog waits until I shut the door to get hers right behind me then takes it to her bed in the corner and I'm outta the house.

1:07 PM  
Blogger ...jus me said...

blueeyes...I guess we all have similiar routines with our furry kids, which really kinda tickles me! i thought we just spoiled them rotton, and really had the corner on a domestic zoo! They do bring us alot of joy though!

3:34 PM  

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