Hi All!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Good Morning...
Hope everyone is having a good Monday.
I got up with my hubby this morning! What? Really? No I don't enjoy 5:00am. (Not unless I am getting to travel and getting up early to get out of town) But the real reason I got up so early is that we have a five month old puppy. My hubby doesn't actually understand babies of any sort. He thinks that HIS morning routine takes first place to anything. babies don't think that way. Needless to say he woke up kinda mad at the puppy who woke him up licking his face while the older dog whined at the edge of the bed. Of course his alarm was set to go off any second! When ya gotta go ya gotta go. Again their schedule does not compare to his. He gets up, heads to the shower! Geeze he is just a bit stubborn! So I get up and take the pups outside, but not before the puppy peed on the floor for Daddy! he he! I fed them all (dogs and cats) and me and the pups were playing on the bed when my dear husband gets around to coming out of the bathroom! He comes out grumbling and says something about waking up to the puppy...so in my sweetest voice I tried to explain to him about the puppy not being able to wait til he gets out of the shower. "Well why don't you get up and take them out then?" He was just a little more than surprised when I told him I had done just that, and they were all fed too! Then he was upset that they were coming to me this morning...men!!!

This n That!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wow...I went out to two places today and I am pooped! Just went and got some bones for our pups and stopped briefly at Wally's while hubby got some car stuff and I grabbed some pork steaks for dinner and a few odds and ends.

The only reason I am so tired is cuz I have not been doing anything lately. Had some kind of bacterial infection that really got me down and then some heart or blood flow kinda things on top of it. Just haven't been doing anything.

My daughter Melanie from Kate n Kaboodle has been sending me lots of cool links for giveaways. They are fun to do and who knows I may win a cool Arf Natural Dog House from Dog Houses Now for my pups from Mom Spotted or an awesome Vera Wang bed from Serta, courtesy of Born 2 Impress. Have you ever wanted granite countertops and knew you couldn't afford it? Oh my gosh...check out Giani Granite Paint Kit Is this stuff just too cool? The giveaway was brought to us by Angie With 2 I have been having so much fun!!!

A New Member to the Family!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yep, we did it! We now have a new puppy! His name is Tucker and he is almost 5 months old. He is a long haired Doxie. Oh so cute!!! But what a live wire. We are all kinda relatively old in this house. Nothing like a wild hare to stir up the order of your life!