Goin' Campin'!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

We're going camping this weekend! I can't wait! Are we there yet? We are going with about 100 crazy people from our church family!

Hubby and I need to get away and have some time together! We are not takin' any of the four legged kids with us as we have in the past! My daughter and her family are kid sittin' for us! I am sure she will get even either with four legged or two legged kids!

I am so ready! Well, not really! I have some menus planned but I need some ideas! It is just the two of us for one breakfast and two lunches, then we need potluck stuff for two nights! I think breakfast is covered as hubby has put in his order for bacon eggs and pancakes and beings he is cooking...who am I to argue? I am pot lucked out and I need a side dish for one and a dessert and one main dish for the other! Help!!! I really would like something I can make ahead that just needs to be in the cooler. No heating up! So if you all have any ideas, send 'em my way!


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