My daughter--my first born!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I knew she was going to be something special when it took me almost 3 days to bring her into this world! (And there have been a few times I would have liked to have taken her out again over the years- I’m thinkin’ those were somewhere around those wonderful teen-age years!)

You know when you have children, they don’t come with an instruction manual. And she was my first! Need I say more? Mel you have scared me on so many levels! Parents do weird things when they are scared!

It’s all peaches and cream when you have a beautiful little baby in your arms who’s whole world revolves around you. You are in control then! It’s later when their world starts to encompass other people and things that the scarey part begins!

My daughter was quite creative at an early age. When she was around six months old she created a work of art for me! She was down for a nap, and so far I had not heard a sound! Then I heard a little giggle and went in to get her up. I opened the door and said “How's Mommy's little girl doing?” and then I saw…she made me a finger painting! On the walls, on the crib, on the mattress, on herself! Unfortunately the only art medium she had to work with came from the inside of her diaper, which was now discarded on the floor. (well, hey it was empty now, right?)

Have you ever been scared, I mean really scared for the safety of your child? My little sweetheart has done this more times than I care to remember…But one that comes to mind is when she was two. I had taken her to the park to play. When it was time to go, she didn’t want to go, of course, but it had never been a problem before so coaxingly I said…”come on honey we can come back tomorrow, Mommy’s gotta get home now!” Well, at that time we were without benefit of a car, so we had to walk home. The park was actually on a very busy street right by the river. When I finally got my little “two year old” moving towards the direction of home, all of a sudden she threw back her head and pulled out of my hands, running towards the traffic! I pretty much had totackle her and sat down with my arms and legs wrapped around her! Her eyes were totally glassed over! Talk about a temper tantrum! It seemed like forever before she even knew who I was, let alone quit trying to get away! She was perfectly fine the rest of the way home! Didn’t think I would be that scared again!

I forgot I had a child though! I indeed was that scared again. In fact it was probably only about 6 months later! My husband and I were outside our new apartment with our little girl, then three! There was a field next to the apartments where all the kids liked to play. Of course that was not a problem, but you see our apartments bordered the freeway! There was a 6 foot cyclone fence between us and the freeway. But down at the end of the field someone had torn down part of the fence, which we didn’t know about until that day. It was almost a block from us! We looked up and Melanie was getting a little too far away for our liking, so we told her to come play over here. She thought it would be great fun to go the other way. After she wouldn’t listen to me, her Daddy tried his luck! Stubborn little thing took off running! She had a pretty good head start by this time so he really had to run to catch her, and you guessed it just before the end of the field and the open fence. I was frozen in place and it was like watching in slow motion!

That was gray hair number one and two, and things went along pretty well for quite awhile without any more from her...but trust me she made up for it with the third gray hair! Stay tuned for that one tomorrow!


Blogger Melanie said...

I don't think so. You absolutely will stop this nonsense IMMEDIATELY. No poop stories, no running from mommy and daddy stories. I know where this is headed and it aint going to happen cupcake.

Remember, I TOO, know alot about you and I TOO have a blog!!!!!

8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be back tomorrow then to see how you got that next grey hair.

LOL blogs are a mom's best revenge. If there is anything at all you've been wanting your daughter to do you have the leverage now to get it done!

Oh, and your Sunday's sound heavenly....

DMB in Texas

5:21 AM  
Blogger ...jus me said... you noticed her threat, huh?

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL yes I sure did! I just found Plaid Toaster today while looking through some other blogs list and I then saw that you had just started one. I just like how you write...
my hubby falls asleep in front of the TV too, I have to wake him up or he misses out!

DMB in Texas

12:59 PM  

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