An allowance for Shelby

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I truly live in a different home! We always say we have a zoo...which of course we do! We are both animal lovers and have 3 dogs, 1 cat, a lovebird, and now a baby cockatiel!

The funny thing is...our oldest dog, Shelby, who is 13, has decided it is her job to protect the birds! The cat was investigating the birds and put his big ole paws on their cage (which sits on a stand). Shelby started growling at him and got up and started towards him. She has never been aggressive to the cat...he just wasn't going to bother those birds! If I go upstairs she lays at the top of the stairs which has a perfect view of the cage. We just let the dogs in from outside and as soon as she came in the door, she went and checked on the birds, and then went and layed down! (still where she could see them!)

I think we might have to give her an allowance of doggie bones for birdie-sitting!


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