A painting we will go...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yes my friends the time has finally come. I have been in this house for almost 12 years and we are finally painting the bedroom.

This project may take awhile as I can't do too much climbing around on ladders etc. with my bad knee. (We have a very high cathedral ceiling in our room) I have figured this out the last couple of days as I was patching holes one day and painting the ceiling of the master bath yesterday. That may not seem like much to you but to me and my knee, it was more than enough! Owwww!

My husband is off tomorrow so I am going to try to get some cutting in done so if he wants to do some painting tomorrow it will be ready for him. He does not like the trim stuff. So if this part is done he may just be tempted to paint or something while I am visiting Mom.

I wanted kind of a sophisticated coastal theme, so the walls are a gray with a brown tint. The ceiling is lighter gray and the accent wall will be a darker gray. Dark chocolate brown looks really nice with it and I found some thermal curtains on sale for $10 a panel. Woo hoo! They kind of have a basketweave design to them. Then I have three nice chocolate brown storage baskets that will be in there also. I am going to accent with off white everywhere to brighten it up and then pops of color in pillows etc. I'm hoping it will be very restful and not come out depressing!

Please pray for my endurance in this and that I don't damage my knee any further. I had surgery the end of December and the doctor said the effects would be temporary. My joint is shot but he says I am too young for surgery (atleast I am too young for something) so I am just trying to lose some weight to improve the chances of not having to have a replacement so soon. Trying is the operative word here.

Hope you all have a great day!


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