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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ok now, you can pick yourselves up off your buns! I really am posting on here, no really...I am! Ok so it has been a busy almost year...naw, that's not true! I have been playing games on facebook! There really are other things that have gone on too, like surgery on my knee, having our faithful 16 year old golden retriever put down, and I am sure many other unpleasant things that I don't want to talk about too!

So now I think I need to rant a bit! We have not had any significant snowfall since December (before Christmas, of course). In fact it has been like it was on the verge of Spring ever since. A few flakes of snow every now and then but definitely nothing to write home about (or post about, as the case may be!) UNTIL TODAY!

I live in Northern Idaho. I had to go into Washington for a doctors appointment. ( It's only about 20-30 minutes away) No big deal. We got a few inches (3-4) of new snow last night. Pretty, but still no big deal! Slid a little heading out today but I am not one of the idiots. I know to slow down in this special white poop!

So I get to the stateline and it is like somebody opened a door to a different world. Snow up to the line and then ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Dry as a bone, not a sign of a flake anywhere!

Oh well cool, no worries! On to the doctor! And after his bundle of good news, (you have a bacterial infection somewhere, we don't know where...your Cholesterol is high...lose weight...yada yada yada!) then I head out to do something fun while I am in town anyway! Hobby Lobby it is! Love that place, but only spend about 45 minutes looking thru scrapbook stuff cuz, you know I have an infection and it is kickin my buns. So as I get closer to the checkout I catch a glimpse of employees and some store patrons standing by the big front windows looking out! I thought there was something exciting going on...nope, not exciting! But it has just started to snow these big ole huge flakes, the kind that we have have not really had all winter! So out the door I trudge, only to have a lady in the parking lot wish me a Merry Christmas! It is the end of February, our snow is usually over by this time. Can I help it if it didn't take advantage of the last two months to snow?

Well, I am on the freeway now and the snow is still coming down as I head towards home where we already had about 4" when I left. It only took about 5 minutes and I was on a solid sheet of ice, skating along in white out conditions! Blizzards are not sposed to happen at the end of February! Bah Humbug!

Up here, some if not most of the SUV drivers think they can go whatever speed they like cuz they drive a 4 wheel drive SUV. OK, I will give it to you that you can get around a bit better than most two wheel drive vehicles in this, but can you stop faster? Big lesson to learn there!

Everybody, pretty much is going 45 or less on the freeway where it is posted 70 because of the ice, and whiteout, (Blizzard) conditions. MY exit comes up and I would rather do anything but take this exit as it goes downhill. But I have to pick up my antibiotics ( infection somewhere, remember?) so this is the one I have to take. I am barely coasting down this exit and slippin one way and the other. The friendly SUV driver is behind me, of course! I don't know if you are familiar with driving in the snow, but you don't use your brakes if you can help it or you will be getting intimate with the ditch, another car, or the guard rail. So I downshifted and even that sent my car careening sideways in the middle of the two exiting lanes, like you can see the lanes anyway! There is about six cars in front of me that I really didn't want to get to know that well. I mean they had their hands full trying to stay on the road and out of the person in front of them's trunk! So what does the SUV driver do? He decides he has had enough of my uncontrolled driving and while I am sliding who knows where he thinks this makes a great time to try and squeeze past me as I am taking too long for him, while I am praying that the other 6 cars can go before my car decides that that is the direction it wants to go....geeze has he NO BRAIN in his head.

My only vindication was after we had all negotiated the turn at the end of the nightmare exit (without an accident, with God's grace) my little SUV driver lost control trying to slow down in the turn lane and played slip and slide (on flat ground, I might add) and ended up hitting the curb as he turned into the parking lot. I did have to say a little prayer for safety for him as I was still feeling a bit triumphant at has lack of control. But in the next second I knew I really didn't want him to get hurt or even hurt his rig, but hopefully he learned to be more careful and slow down in this stuff.

As of right now we have 9" or more and sub zero weather and more snow coming today. Come on Spring!!!


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