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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wow...I went out to two places today and I am pooped! Just went and got some bones for our pups and stopped briefly at Wally's while hubby got some car stuff and I grabbed some pork steaks for dinner and a few odds and ends.

The only reason I am so tired is cuz I have not been doing anything lately. Had some kind of bacterial infection that really got me down and then some heart or blood flow kinda things on top of it. Just haven't been doing anything.

My daughter Melanie from Kate n Kaboodle has been sending me lots of cool links for giveaways. They are fun to do and who knows I may win a cool Arf Natural Dog House from Dog Houses Now for my pups from Mom Spotted or an awesome Vera Wang bed from Serta, courtesy of Born 2 Impress. Have you ever wanted granite countertops and knew you couldn't afford it? Oh my gosh...check out Giani Granite Paint Kit Is this stuff just too cool? The giveaway was brought to us by Angie With 2 I have been having so much fun!!!


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