Happy Birthday "Mr. B"

Sunday, April 23, 2006

You are one great kid! Gramma and Grampa love you very much!

I watched as you struggled in your first minutes of life, not daring to think about the very real possibility that we may not get to keep you here in this world with all of us that had waited so long for you. As you fought for life, it was like time stood still for us. There were so many people working on you. We tried not to alarm your mamma, but she must of read it on my face and she started to cry! I have never felt so helpless! I could not help you and I could not help your mom. All I could do was pray! Well, God heard our prayers that day.

And then when you were six, tradgedy struck again! When I answered my door, and there stood your next door neighbor telling me that Grampa had run over you in the truck...my heart stood still again! It is not the kind of thing you are ever prepared to hear. It is very hard for your mind to wrap around something this upsetting!

For all of you that do not know...here is a little more of the story...My husband was over at my daughter and son-in-law's house helping them to load up some of their belongings to put in storage, as they were going to move. They lived in a four plex that faced another fourplex. They were lined up from front to back...with the garages all in the front. There was a drive that went along the back of the houses, and that is where they were loading stuff into the truck...a 3/4 ton pick-up!

Braden was in the house and came out to throw something in the trash that was by the garages. He decided to look down the drive and see how they were doing. So he turned the corner of the garage into the back drive, not hearing the truck as it was going so slow. Our truck sat up very high, like a big four wheel drive. When B saw the truck was coming he turned to run out of the way, but, he fell. Because the truck sits so high, Grampa never saw him. he fell and was run over from just below the hips down.

I can't go into all of the details, it is still hard to talk about, so I will just tell you Braden ended up having surgery to repair the rectum, inside and out where it had torn, and now had a colostomy bag, which required a second surgery to re-attach everything a month later. God was very gracious and faithful. Braden has battle scars now to show off, but no residual effects from his ordeal except a new respect for motor vehicles.

Grampa had us almost as worried as Braden did. The man was torn up, as you can imagine. That was the night my husband learned what true Christianity was all about, when two couples from our church and our small group showed up at the hospital and supported all of us. They held our hands, pulled my husband up from the depths of dispair and loved on all of us. Our whole small group fed all nine of us for the next week or so, as we took turns staying in the hospital with the boy.

Our dear grandson was lying in emergency before his surgery and Grampa walked in the room, afraid of what he may find...

Braden says " Grampa, it wasn't your fault...I saw you coming and turned to run and get out of the way and fell! " Can you believe this kid? He was as worried about Grampa as Grampa was about him? That's the kind of kid he is!

That was four years ago...Grampa and Braden have a special bond! They don't talk too much about the day of the accident, but I wish I could say the same for my daughter! When "B" is being a bit of a pill...or just a "poop" as little boys can be, what does my
daughter do? "Braden, do I have to call Grampa to come over in the truck? " If you have not read Plaid Toaster, please follow the link and check her site out. (exuse the language tho!)

Have a great day little man...and good luck with this special girl! Quit growin up so fast. I am not ready for you to grow up so soon.



Anonymous Melanie said...

Thanks for making me cry and thank you for writing this when I didn't get a chance. We have been so busy playing games to blog, lol.

For those of you who want to read the story of the accident, it is posted at http://plaidtoaster.com/?p=126 also.

He is an amazing little boy.

10:32 PM  
Blogger Useless Man said...

Mr B was my 7th grade teacher. Based on your post, I'm assuming that this is a different Mr B.

Irregardless of that, allow me to sing:


Ahem.. Hold your applause, please...

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Melanie said...

bravo bravo!

11:02 PM  
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