And it's only Spring?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Boy what a hot is reported to be 100 degrees out there! And it's only May folks! Yikes, what will August be like? Hubby got the air conditioner put up in the bedroom window last night...thank you honey! It was so cool in there by the time I went to bed...I am a nite owl, that I had to turn it off...there were icicles on my pillow! It is just a small unit too! We have a tri-level and of course, the bedroom is upstairs, on the west exposure! Our basement level is pretty cool and the main floor is ok with the fans on. We are lucky to have trees to shade part of the back yard.

I am not sure where this day has gone. I was working on stuff for our local parade on June 3rd! Somehow I was elected to be in charge of it for our church, both for our Vacation Bible School, and our Hot Rod Ministry. I love the organizing of it all. Thanks to a little help from my daughter, the flyers are ready to print tomorrow. I had a meeting today with one of my helpers on the decorations for the parade. Woo is all coming together!

One of my passions is doing the registration for our VBS program every year. I am also in charge of the publicity. It is really cool from my behind the scenes perspective to watch the kids hearts soften as they learn more about Jesus. But I am not a teacher. Teaching is not my gift, so this area of helping to organize and to keep all the paperwork straight works for me!

It looks like it is cooling off on my deck so I am off to water the flowers. You all have a great day! Enjoy this beautiful evening!


Blogger Jerri Ann said...

wow, 100 degrees already means that summer is gonna be a killer eh?

5:42 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Ok, I am jealous of the nice weather you are having already!! It is still pretty cool and rainy here in Ontario!!

5:56 AM  

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