Glad it is Monday!

Monday, May 22, 2006

This weekend went by so fast...where did the time go?
just some of the things that we did this weekend...
watched my grandbabies
went to a wedding
went to the reception
watched my daughter's kitty have six adorable little kitties of her own
went to church
went shopping
went to a baptism
went to a wedding shower
worked in the yard
put up rain gutters
worked on the flyer for our local parade
umpteen trips to the store
a couple dozen phone calls
and then all the other normal things
I am getting to old for all this stuff
I have tons to do today, but I am rebelling just a bit!
looks like time is getting away from me...but I have already, eaten breakfast, updated my journal, read my Bible, walked on the treadmill, and worked on my project for the week, and did the dishes...ok, so maybe it is time for lunch and a nap! LOL! Yeah, like that is going to happen! Why do I feel bored with all this to do? Or maybe just restless, and a bit stressed? hmmmmm!


Anonymous maz said...

you are making me feel bad coz i have done pretty much nothing!

8:33 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Wow, this makes me tired just reading it!!

12:37 PM  
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