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Monday, July 10, 2006

Hi there! I lived through the first day of VBS! Woo hoo! Actually all the extra effort this last week spent on organizing and streamlining the process really paid off today. We didn't have the chaos that Monday usually entails.
For all my grumbling about having no time for anything, I really do love it! We checked the program on Group for next years VBS and are already excited about starting on it! He he! We had 61 children today plus 9 in preschool. Lots of smiles on little faces today and it is so cool to hear them all learning the Bible stories and
saying their memory verses. Ok, I admit it...I am a Vacation Bible School Junkie!
Hubby is just as bad. He takes vacation time every year for VBS. He is a crew leader with five great kids. My daughter helped out in registration with me and has been a crew leader also in past years. My two older grandaughters have been helpers and have been on the dance team also. My three younger grandkids attend our VBS every year. It's fun to be flying down the hall and hear a familiar "Hi Grandma"... Couldn't be better!

Today's Character is "Ray"


Blogger Ruth said...

My kids are in a vbs this week. I hope one day I will be able to help organize one at our church. It is just such a big commitment, I may need to wait until my younger ones are older!! Have fun, I know how much fun they can be too!!

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