2996 Update

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Yesterday, when I went downstairs and checked my mail, there it was! The email from D. Challener Roe with the name of one of the victims of 9/11 for me to do a tribute on.
(If you have not checked this out yet, please do so! Go read my post "2996". It is just two posts down or click on the button on my sidebar.)

I was struck with the reality of this moment as I stared at the name of the gentleman I was to research, and pay tribute to. I checked the website given and saw his picture. I have to say that with tears in my eyes, I read what was there. He was just a regular guy, going about his day, at work, making a living, possibly supporting a wife and kids. (ones he would never again see this side of Heaven) What was he thinking that day? What was the last thing he said to his wife that morning when he left for work? Did he have a sense of impending doom? Did he have any clue that it was going to be the last morning of his life? Or was he just like the majority of us who just do what we have to every day to get by? We always think we have our whole life ahead of us. Well, we do, but sometimes that whole life is only hours or minutes! Life is not always 80 or 90 years. There are not any promises of so many days or years. The only promise is of eternity. Eternity is not here! This is not our home!


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